“Loser’s Crown”


“Loser’s Crown” a Vermont based producer speaks at the League of Vermont Writers.

Stowe, VT September 27, 2014

The League was pleased to welcome producers Colin Thompson and Myles David Jewell at  fall meeting.

“Loser’s Crown” is the first production for Colin and Myles. Colin gave a candid and genuine presentation on how he chose to write, produce and star in this movie. “I like the idea of being the Director rather than fight with the director over my script.” Colin grew up in Chittenden County in Vermont and attended UVM. He majored in English with a minor in Filmmaking before he moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. During his seven years stay, he wrote movie scripts and coached lacrosse to support his aspirations.

He shared his years of living in LA, film producers’ hierarchy and self-doubts in short comical vignettes. “I wrote many scripts but never was offered any money for it. So I returned with less money in the bank and less hair on my head.” However, “Money is better than bold and miserable.” After he returned to native VT he found renewed enthusiasm and produced the “Loser’s Crown” with Myles David Jewell. The budget for this movie was $10’000. “We do not have an agent and are swimming upstream.” While our movie was not accepted at film festivals, now that it is out, we have received stronger reception for our upcoming project. We are working on the next film. It is called “It’s US.”

Colin and Myles are enthusiastic on this next page. “We went on a tour this summer showing “Loser’s Crown.” This time we were offered $100’000 for the new movie. We will be able to pay people to make a movie.” He described that screenwriting differs from other writing. “In a script you describe the scene and then compose dialogues.” He illustrated his struggle with writing. “I hate writing in the same way I hate running. But for some reason, I have to do it. For some reason, I know that I will hate myself even-more if I don’t.” When asked about his writing process, he expressed “I start with an idea, but don’t know where it is going to go. I try to write ten pages a day. Some of it is painful and hard work, but I have to do it.”

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What I learned from Colin’s presentation was the following: A young screenwriter should not feel shame nor discouraged when not achieving an overnight status in the movie world of Los Angeles. Colin’s return to his native town brought him the personal nourishment and encouragement he needed to be where he is today. The League of Vermont Writers was proud to welcome Colin and Myles and thanked him for his contribution to the League’s meeting. Members of the audience applauded his achievement and thanked him for sharing his struggles.

Nicolette Asselin

To see trailers of the “Loser’s Crown”.

The League of Vermont Writers

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