Standard Interview Release

1.  Confirmation of Understanding of Consent

I hereby confirm that I have had extensive conversations with ___________________________________

(hereby referred to as the INTERVIEWER) with respect to a book for general publication which he/she is writing on _____________________________________ and that the INTERVIEWER explained to me at the outset that some or all of what I said during the interviews might appear in the book but that in no event would my words be taken out of context.  I understand that my statements may form the basis for conclusions and discussions of issues relating to the book’s general subject.  I also realize that the INTERVIEWER may transfer ownership of his/her work or may authorize others to publish material and that it may appear in magazines, other articles, treatises, collections, subsequent editions, and other written forms as well as in electronic, audio, or audiovisual presentations including educational and commercial television programs and movies.

2.  Confirmation of Voluntariness

I confirm that I have voluntarily disclosed to the INTERVIEWER information and opinions about myself and other individuals.

3.  Confirmation of Right to Disclose

I confirm that none of the information disclosed by me during these discussions was acquired as a result of a confidential relationship, is treated as a trade secret or as confidential by its owner or by the person (or their employer) from whom I learned it, or was obtained in any way contrary to law.  I further warrant that the information disclosed by me is true and factual, to the best of my knowledge, and does not libel or invade the privacy of any third party.

4.  Confirmation of Competency

I confirm that I am not a minor for legal consent purposes.

5.  Confirmation of Reliance

I understand that the INTERVIEWER will expend extensive and valuable time and effort in preparing a manuscript based on his/her interviews with me and has relied on my consent to use this interview material.

6.  Consent to Use Material and Name

I hereby consent to all publication of any or all of the material disclosed by me during the interviews and to identify me as its subject or source and to the use of my name (and likeness) and relevant biographical data in the published material and in any promotion or advertising of it.

7.  Extension of Consent to Other Parties and Release

I hereby release and discharge the INTERVIEWER and his/her assigns and licensees and all further sub licensees and transferees from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, causes of action or damages arising out of the above-mentioned use and publication of any material from the interviews.

Except in the event of the violation of warranties of other confirmations herein, the INTERVIEWER hereby agrees to indemnify and hold me harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, suits, costs, and expenses (including reasonable counsel fees) arising from the publication of the book as outlined under this Agreement.

Special Clause/Consideration

In consideration of the aforementioned interview, the author shall be responsible for sending me a copy of the book upon publication [only if you, the author/editor, want to cover this cost].


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