For Adobe Acrobat Version 7.0:

1.     Open your document
2.     Go to “File,” and then “Print”
3.     Choose “Acrobat PDF” as the printer in the drop-down menu
4.     Go to the “Default Settings” drop-down, and click “Edit”
5.     Go to the General tab
6.     Under “Compatibility,” choose “Acrobat 5.0”
7.     All other settings should remain the same
8.     Go to the Images tab
9.     Change the resolution of Color Images to “Downsample to 305 for images above 320”
10.   Change the resolution of Grayscale Images to “Downsample to 305 for images above 320”
11.    Go to the Fonts tab
12.    Deselect “Subset Embedded Fonts”
13.    Select all fonts under “Font Source,” and add them to “Always Embed”
14.    Go to the Color tab
15.    Select “Leave Color Unchanged” under “Color Management Properties”
16.    Click “Save As” and name the job option “XYZ”
17.    Click “Save” and then “OK” on the settings window
18.    Ensure “Security” is set to “None”
19.    Select the appropriate page size for your document or create a new size if needed
20.   Deselect “Do not send fonts to Adobe PDF,” and then click “OK”
21.    You will be prompted to name and save your file

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