For Adobe Acrobat Version 6.0:

Step One: Set your Distiller Options

1.    Open Acrobat Distiller
2.    Go to the “Settings” drop-down menu
3.    Choose “High Quality” as the job option
4.    In the top menu, go to “Settings” and choose “Edit Adobe PDF” settings
5.    Go to the General tab
6.    Set Compatibility to “Acrobat 5.0 (PDF 1.4)”
7.    Go to the “Images” tab
8.    Set all compression settings to “Bicubic Downsampling” and the resolution to “305” DPI
9.    Go to the Fonts tab
10.   Check “Embed All Fonts” and uncheck “Subset Fonts”
11.   Deselect “Do not send fonts to Adobe PDF”
12.   Leave everything else as the default option
13.   Save the preferences as “Publishing PDFs”

Step Two: Printing Your PDF

1.    Open your document
2.    Go to “File,” and then “Print”
3.    Choose “Acrobat Distiller” as the printer in the drop-down menu
4.    Click “Properties”
5.    Set your page size, or select “Custom Size” and enter the correct size
6.    Click “OK”
7.    Go to the Graphics tab, and change the resolution to “305” DPI
8.    Go to the Adobe PDF Settings tab
9.    In the drop-down menu for conversion settings choose “Publishing PDFs ” or the name you chose in Step One
10.    Click “Apply,” then “OK” twice
11.    You will be prompted to name and save your file

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