Writers Corner


Writers are often alone trying to wrestle the vast array of resources available, to write and/or publish.

What is available?

At The Writer’s Quilt  members receive one on one attention, whether preparing a blog, a short story or a novel. Each member has access to resources to accomplish their own project, library, discussion, made-to-order services. Members can join a small group discussion with other members, post questions, request private tutoring or an author’s opinion on a project. Schedule tutoring sessions or request editing or feedback of one page or two at a time.

What about if I am not good at writing? What is a ghost writer?

Not a problem. Ghost writers can write for you. They will make what you are trying to say more palatable. If  you do not feel that you have it in you to write, a professional writer can take what you have to say and bring it to a readable format.

How long will it take?

There is no deadline. Each project does not require a large investment to start. Your project could be accomplished in as many years as you need to or in a few weeks if you are motivated.

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