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Silencing the Noise to Hear My Own Voice


by Emily J. Smith

He made us lie on the couch in the small, dark apartment. This wasn’t just his favorite album; the work — from start to end — had changed him on a fundamental level. He wanted me to not just hear it, but experience it. My back against his stomach, his arms wrapped tightly around my too-small body. He suggested I close my eyes. His lack of embarrassment was astonishing, intoxicating. Several times I was on the verge of falling off the couch, but it didn’t matter. I had never believed in anything as much as he believed in this album. There was no world in which whatever came out of those speakers wouldn’t change me, too. I was already changed.  Read on

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Find Your Writing Voice


By Brian Kurian

A simple guide you can use to find and develop your writing voice.

“When you are trying to find your writing voice don’t try to emulate any writer, not even your favorite. Sit quietly, listen, listen again, then listen some more and write out everything the voice says with no censoring — none — not one word.”
Jan Marquart, The Basket Weaver

Many of you might be new to Blogging and writing. You might be reading some of the posts by some of the Writers on Medium thinking to yourself:


Read on

I use these 5 online writing tools every day


Good writing is hard. It’s okay to have help.

by Julia Rose


If it makes sense in your head, why doesn’t it sound the same when you write?

Translating thoughts and ideas to paper (or in the modern world, the Google Doc) is easier said than done. I write often and I appreciate the help of these 5 tools. Even if writing is not your profession, I’m certain you will enjoy using many of these apps.

We all write emails, texts, and facebook messages, after all.

Oh, did I mention they’re all free?


Dumpster Kitten

Dumpster Kitten

By Suleika Jaouad

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My nomadic childhood as the self-anointed Mother Teresa of stray animals

find the half-dead kitten behind a dumpster on my way back from the school bus. It lays motionless on the pavement, eyes sealed shut, gasoline-smeared fur glistening a burnt orange under the scorch of the Mediterranean sun. I scoop the kitten between cupped palms, careful to support its lolling head, and walk to the house.

In the heat, the white-domed roof shimmers; the sound of waves slapping sand beckon cool in the distance. I retrieve my tool kit and get to work in the courtyard, where palm fronds offer shade, mixing formula into a silky smooth consistency and filling the three-milliliter syringe. Cont

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The Amazing Story of Jon Morrow

The Amazing Story of Jon Morrow

How I wrote blog posts that touched millions of people.

You know that feeling you get right before you publish a post?

The angel on one shoulder says you’ve written a post of enormous importance and depth, one that will change the lives of your readers forever. Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder calls you a halfwit with the writing talent of a chimpanzee doped on acid.

Well, it was a few days before Christmas in 2009, and the devil was winning.

“Please don’t publish it,” I sobbed into the telephone. “The post is crap. It’ll ruin me.”

Sonia Simone, one of the most respected editors in the world, listened politely on the other end of the phone. The night before, I’d sent her a post I’d been working on for months, confident of my writing genius, but mere hours later I was on the phone having an epic freak-out.

The good news is, after working together for years, Sonia was well accustomed to my neuroses, and she knew exactly how to handle me. “Darling, you are the most talented writer I know, and this is your most brilliant work to date.”

My sobs stopped. “Really? You think so?”

“Yes. Now let me get back to work, so we can make you famous.” Click.

For the next hour, there was nothing to do but sit at the computer pressing the “refresh” button over and over again. I trembled. I prayed.

About Jon Morrow:

Jon Morrow is a social media entrepreneur whose company, BoostBlogTraffic.com, is both highly regarded and profitable, enabling him to support himself and his parents. The 30-year-old has spinal muscular atrophy.

A workaholic who operates his computer by voice and by mouth, Morrow’s philosophy is to “do what you want to do no matter how hard it is or how you feel.”

His advice to other entrepreneurs: “Find the intersection between what you love to do and what other people are desperate to buy.”   More

Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted

Suleika’s dreams of becoming a foreign correspondent and traveling to North Africa to report on the revolutions taking place there were cut short by cancer. Instead, she decided to start reporting from the front lines of her hospital bed on a different kind of revolution: the one taking place inside of her.

Read her New York Time columns.

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Tips on Writing


Kill Your Darlings: Five Rules for Writers by Rita J. King March 06, 2013     I had lunch today with a couple of journalists who are also imaginative, adventurous creative writers. After 24 years as a CNN anchor and correspondent, Kitty Pilgrim is now the author of a series of romantic thrillers with science at the […]